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Meet Contino®.  Control the flow.  Get on with life!

What is Contino and how can I get started?

Contino is a simple device that blocks the flow of urine without the need for surgery.
A Contino nurse supports you at every step to get dry and become free from the burden of adult diapers, briefs and pads.
To get started simply click the button below to book a free, no obligation consultation with a Contino nurse.

  • How Contino® works

    How Contino® works

    Unlike diapers and pads, the Contino® urethral insert obstructs the flow of urine from exiting the body and allows the bladder to fill normally.  

    This enables you to control when your urine is released, avoiding inconvenient and embarrassing messes.

  • Discreet and effective

    Your Contino® Nurse and Contino® Trainer

    Your Contino® Nurse and Trainer are there to support you.

    Over the phone your Contino® Nurse provides helpful guidance, answers your questions and books your in clinic Contino® Trainer appointments.

    Your Contino® Trainer is a healthcare professional with experience treating incontinence who will do a physical assessment, fitting and training to initiate your 30 day trial. 

    Both are there to ensure your success and will schedule regular follow-ups during and after your trial period.

  • Discreet and effective

    Discreet and effective

    Contino® is a small and compact solution that fits into a discreet case the size of an eyeglass container.

    A comfortable and effective alternative, reduce your worry about the discomfort, mess and inconvenience of using and disposing of pads, diapers and briefs.

  • Regain freedom and dignity

    Regain freedom and dignity

    Don’t let urinary incontinence control your life and restrict you from doing the things you love!

    Contino® allows you to stay active and social avoiding the unpleasantness of traditional incontinence treatments.  Do away with the need to wear and dispose of wet diapers.

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Control your bladder leakage so you can get on with life.

  • Incontinence Control Device

    Without Contino®:

    Bladder leakage

  • Urinary Incontinence in Men

    With Contino®:

    Bladder leakage control

Contino® places you at the center of a holistic solution.

Support Model

Book my free Contino Nurse Consultation today!

Control the flow in 3 simple steps.

  • 01

    Contact Us to decide if Contino® is right for you

    • The first step is to Contact Us and speak with a Contino® Nurse Liaison who will guide you to make your Contino® journey as effortless as possible.
    • The Contino® Nurse Liaison will answer your questions, help you to decide if Contino® is right for you and when you are ready book an assessment with a Contino® Trainer at a nearby clinic location.
  • 02

    Start your free 30-day trial

    • The Contino® Trainer will conduct an assessment and provide personalized fitting and training to start your 30-day free trial.  
    • The 30-day free trial includes Contino® products and follow up consultations with your trainer.  A $125 deposit is required to participate in the trial and is fully refundable if you aren't satisfied and you return the Contino® products.
    • Your Contino® Trainer and Contino® Nurse Liaison are always available for support and check-ins.
  • 03

    Sign up for an affordable ongoing subscription plan

    At the end of the trial period, you are  enrolled in the Contino® subscription service, which ships Contino® products directly to you each quarter.
    The subscription costs $125 per month plus shipping and handling, similar to a one month supply of adult diapers.  The Contino® subscription is covered by most extended health providers. Check with your provider to see if you are covered.
    Every 3 months a Contino® quarterly kit arrives at your door with the following:
    • Contino® urethral insert (3)
    • Contino® Inserter (1)
    • Lubricant (90-day supply)


The truth is: I was scared that the device would be painful or uncomfortable

But once you try it you will quickly learn that using Contino® is an effortless and comfortable process.

  • "There's no pain and no discomfort. I'm wearing underpants and shorts again."

    Sten, Contino® User

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  • "This is going to work for me the rest of the way. It's easy to insert and easy to manage."

    - Don, Contino® User

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  • "I can go anywhere I want to. I can go to the mall, the concerts or go on a plane ride to Europe."

    - Brian, Contino® User

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Listen to happy Contino users describe regained freedom!

The only thing to fear is not trying.

Get your life back today.

The solution to your incontinence is just one click away

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