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Fortunately, you recovered from a Prostatectomy, Prostate Radiation or TURP.

The problem is you are now experiencing bladder leaks.

Unfortunately, you are one of the 8-16%* of men dealing with unresolved bladder leakage typically known as Stress Urinary Incontinence, a common side effect of prostate related procedures.

Adult briefs, diapers and pads help.  Yet it’s difficult to admit they aren’t inconvenient, uncomfortable, or even humiliating. There is an alternative. 

The Contino® Urethral Insert allows you to visit to the restroom on your terms by temporarily blocking bladder leakage.

Concerned about the idea of a urethral insert? We get it! However, it’s easy to learn, painless and can significantly improve your quality of life.  

A nurse supports you at every step of the way providing education and advice, matches you with a clinic and assists you if you have setbacks. Within 2-3 weeks you will have regained control and be back to doing what's important to you.

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Regain your freedom and control with Contino®

Without Contino Bladder Leakage (1000 × 668 px)

*DAS AK, KUCHEROV V, GLICK L, CHUNG P. Male urinary incontinence after prostate disease treatment. Can J Urol 2020;27(Suppl 3):36-43.