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Partner Clinic Contact Form

Bring Contino® to your community! Become a Contino® Authorised Clinic

Join our growing list of independent authorised clinics. Our experienced specialists are provided with training and tools to offer Contino® to their patients where appropriate.

Help us bring Contino® to clinics across Canada and offer men who are experiencing urinary incontinence a discreet solution. Contino® is now covered by major Canadian insurance carriers and is Health Canada-licensed.

Life360 Innovations provides support to help our clinics partners succeed, including:

  1. Supplying Contino® inventory to the clinic;
  2. Initial training of clinic healthcare professionals and administrative staff;
  3. Providing equipment and supplies related to client fitting and training;
  4. Providing Contino® product brochures and other marketing materials.
  5. Marketing Support, Tools and Resources

Life360 does not charge any fees associated with being a Contino® Authorised Clinic, nor does Life360 pay any commissions or profit share on Contino® subscriptions. Initial and subsequent clinic consultation fees paid to the clinic by the client and Life360, respectively, based on the trainer’s standard hourly rate.

Are you an experienced incontinence specialist who would like to offer Contino® to your clients? Submit your information below to find out more.