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Unlike other incontinence treatments, Contino® focuses on improving your quality of life so you can live as you did before incontinence. Our Patients share their experiences using Contino® compared to other incontinence products.

Hear how Contino® has changed the lives of John, Brian, and Ken after their loss of bladder control.

  • Returning to a Normal Lifestyle with Contino®

    "There's no pain and no discomfort. I'm wearing underpants and shorts again."
    — Sten, Regular Contino® user
    Watch Sten's Full Interview

  • Getting used to Contino®

    “I thought: I’m walking around and I’m going to feel something there - but no, I was comfortable and I am happy about that.”
    — Brian, Regular Contino® User

  • Feel confident about life again with Contino®

    “This is going to work for me the rest of the way.”
    — Don, Regular Contino® User
    Watch Don's Full Interview.

Family and friends are also affected when a loved one experiences incontinence. Here we share stories from that perspective.

  • Getting back to life with Contino®

    "There is such a difference, Sten is back to where he was before all of this"
    — Judy, Spouse of a Contino® user
    Watch Judy's Full Interview.

  • Getting back to life with Contino®

    "Try the Contino because it will change your life!"
    — Diane, Spouse of a Contino® user
    Watch Diane's Full Interview.

Want to hear more about our patients experiences with Contino®? Check out our YouTube channel.

What are the healthcare professionals saying?

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“If you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, or lift something heavy, you may have stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Treatments are different for each person, and depend on the type of incontinence you have and how much it affects your life.”

— Marcy Dayan. BSR, MHA,
Owner & Registered Physiotherapist.

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“This approach to male urinary incontinence is a breakthrough. With minimal training, it is straightforward to use, complications are minimal and easily managed. Overall, the benefits of increased freedom to socialize, attend public functions and travel make this a valuable resource for an expanded lifestyle with much less worry.”

— Steve Kline
Clinical Professor Department of Psychiatry UBC