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How does Contino® men’s incontinence solution work?

How does Contino® men’s incontinence solution work?

How to inhibit the flow of urine in men with Contino®

According to a Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey, male incontinence affects 1 in 6 Canadian men over 40 and many will not seek help due to feeling ashamed. Unfortunately, incontinence is a chronic condition and it can become worse without intervention, leading to low self-esteem, reduced quality of life and impaired physical activity.

For men who have undergone prostate cancer surgery or treatment, urinary incontinence is a relatively common occurrence. Some people can find effective relief from urinary incontinence with regular physiotherapy and Kegel exercises, surgery, or lifestyle and dietary changes, while some men will need to manage their incontinence with pads, collection devices or clamps. 

Contino® is a Health Canada-licensed product that controls the flow of urine and dramatically reduces or eliminates the need to use absorbent pads. 

How Contino® Works to Inhibit Urine Flow in Men

Stress urinary incontinence can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Previous surgery, such as prostate cancer treatment/surgery
  • Weakened muscles surrounding your urethra
  • Trauma to the area

Contino®, a non-surgical urethral insert device, can help you reduce or eliminate urinary stress incontinence, without the use of medications, therapy or surgery. Here’s how:

  1. Inserting the Contino® Device
    Contino® is inserted by you, in a comfortable position, using clean hands and lubrication for comfort.
    • Contino® is placed inside the Contino® Inserter, and the tip covered with lubrication.
    • From there, Contino® is inserted into the tip of the penis and pushed gently until it is about halfway inside the tip of the penis.
    • At this point, it’s time to detach Contino® from the Inserter. Carefully remove the Inserter pull the Contino® gently back into place.
    • In its final position, Contino® should sit internally just beyond the head of the penis.
    • Once Contino® is inserted and feels comfortable, the pull disk can be bent underneath the head of the penis and will be held in place once your underwear is pulled up. Always clean your hands thoroughly before and after insertion.
  2. Removing Contino®
    When you need to use the bathroom, you must remove Contino®. To do so, sit on the toilet and gently pull the pull disk until Contino® is removed from the urethra. After you have finished using the bathroom, Contino® can be re-lubricated and inserted once again. Always clean your hands thoroughly before and after removal. Contino® can be used daily and re-inserted multiple times each day, following the above steps. Contino® can be used for up to 30 days before it needs to be discarded. The Inserter can be used up to 90 days before it needs to be discarded. Remember to always follow the latest Instructions for Use when using Contino®.
  3. Why Contino®?
    Contino® is a Health Canada-licensed medical device that provides incontinence protection for men by inhibiting the flow of urine at the source. In some cases, urine leakage resolves entirely, allowing men to cease the use of incontinence protection garments. By putting a stop to urinary incontinence, Contino® allows men to regain their freedom, without sacrificing their enjoyable activities or quality of life. 



Contino® Delivered Right to Your Door

If urinary incontinence is disrupting your life, a Contino® subscription may be the answer you’re looking for. Based on overall cost, many men have found that a subscription to Contino® is often less than money spent on men’s incontinence protection products. Here’s what to expect:

Consultation – An independent Contino® Authorized Trainer will meet with you, discuss your needs, assess whether Contino® is right for you and offer a personalised fitting. Your Trainer will also teach you how to use the Contino® device on your own. There is a fee for this assessment, but it is often covered by extended health benefits. 

30-Day Trial Period – Once you’ve been approved as a good candidate for Contino®, your Trainer will enroll you in a one-month trial. This trial costs $100 but is fully refundable if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Your trial includes a one-month supply of Contino® products and two follow-up consultations. 

Ongoing Subscription – Once your trial period has ended, your Contino® becomes a subscription service that delivers an order of replacement products to your home every 3 months. The subscription cost is $200 for the first 3 months, then $300 billed every 3 months thereafter. Included in your subscription is a follow-up consultation with your Trainer every 6 months. Shipping and handling rates are additional. You may cancel your subscription at any time. 
Having urinary incontinence doesn’t need to reduce your quality of life. Contino® can help you get back to the activities you enjoy without feeling self-conscious. If you’re ready to put a stop to incontinence, take our quiz to see if Contino® is right for you and find out how you can get started today.