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Life360 & The Sunday Night Health Show: Urinary Incontinence

Life360 & The Sunday Night Health Show: Urinary Incontinence

Join Life360 Innovations CEO Robert Orr as he sits in on the Sunday Night Health Show with host Maureen McGrath, Nurse Continence Advisor to discuss how Life360 and the Contino® product work to overcome the stigma associated with male incontinence and provide men with a smart treatment option.

Maureen and Robert discuss the impact and prevalence of incontinence and explore the many steps it took to bring Contino® to market.  From sparking the initial concept to the iterative development and improvement processes to clinical studies proving effectiveness all culminating in the Life360 of today with multiple established Contino® Authorized Clinics. 

Listen to the first in a series of interviews with Nurse Continence Advisor Maureen McGrath which includes health care professionals and patients to shed light on the growing challenge of men’s urinary incontinence.